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Berlin based producer Ed Davenport unveils new material under his Inland alias with the Nightfall EP on Figure SPC.

The Inland project reflects a more purist, hardware driven approach to techno. Many of the elements are recorded live, and overdubbed to build up a modulating, dynamic sound.

Glide introduces us to this new territory with an airy, spacious wash of textures and atmospheres. This then leads us to Nightfall where sinister strings and filtering synth stabs tell a tense and dramatic story, underpinned by a tough, pushing kick.

Snaking and jacking with an insistent thump and rolling bass, Support submerges vocal manipulations and classic synth chords in spacious reverb, adding to the effect of motion.

A more hypnotic trip, Celebration locks down a dubbed, psychedelic synth pattern, driven by another powerful kick and a teasing sub-bassline. Celebration is also included in a dub form as a digital only extra, expanding the space within and creating a different mood entirely.

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