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The respected Italian producer Roberto Bosco pushes the blurry boundaries of club techno with this edgy, agile and highly functional 4-tracker on Figure SPC.

Letting the games begin straight away with ‘One’, a bass-loaded pumping groove leads the action as we step into a cavernous hall resonating with classic techno hypnotism. Careful arrangement tweaks, jacking, sharp percussion and knee-trembling sub-frequencies are all present in this well-¬defined peak time treat for the floor.
The twisting, freaking opening bars of 'Circle Dub' quickly evolve into a strange but beautiful beast, utilising Bosco's trademark solid drum array, but also a drifting, dubbed out scattering of synth lines, taking the focus from our heads to our hearts.

Super-pumped and primed for warehouse sessions everywhere, the title of the B1 track 'Club' sums it up perfectly. Chunky, trembling bass energy exudes from the ground up as Bosco treats us to a techy stab laden builder that simple cannot fail to evoke a spiritual, primal feeling from deep within.

Finally the stripped, tripped and dirty tones of 'Circle Dub (Dub)' greet us with hot headed exuberance. Full of attitude, tension and displaying careful restrain, its an ideal conclusion to the EP, and will no doubt find favour with DJs during those darker, tougher moments.

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