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A rather talented Frenchman in love with Detroit is the second artist to contribute their music to the SPC catalogue. Sebastien San, who has already released highly received productions with labels like Rush Hour, Planet E and Echochord, provides two wonderful cuts for Figure SPC B.
Reminiscent of heroic expeditions into the unknown, both 'Chief Inspector' and 'Midnight Motion' have all the brawn, intelligence and forward-pushing energy of those young and fearless techno pioneers some twenty years past... Full of raw, unadulterated emotions and overwhelming, room-filling waves of kinetic energy, '...Inspector' greets us with an instantly catchy synth hook, rising amongst a strong, classic groove that seeks out the hidden dancer in all of us. Rising and falling through a canyon of synthesisers, a melody of epic proportions fuels this night train's dramatic adventure, freezing time and space in its path.
'Midnight Motion' then, plays on Sebastien's keen ear for a tingling melody, as yet more classic drums (again not lacking in key floor shaking frequencies) set the mood for a beautiful and poetic off-world landscape to evolve before us. Cascading, dancing, snaking and entwining in the moonlight, the airy melodies carry us off to a dreamy place... Electrons flow with unchained organic life through the circuits of Sebastien San's studio, expressing some kind of audio-alchemy as this producer's celestial talents unfold.

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