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After the foundations for his new chapter of productions solidified, with Figure 53 welcoming him to the Figure camp, Cleric now continues to build on his raw yet sharp and accurately cut techno sound. This varied 4 tracker shows off the British producer's tastes for textural, ambient soundscapes and edgy broken beats, alongside pure and straight ahead club killers.'Tentative' serves as a canvas for the EP to grow and take its form. From shadowy undertones, sound-system feedback and murky basement textures, a complex and visceral sound world is born. The steady punch of 'Sigmund' translates these textures into a 4/4 driven jam then, with Cleric's signature precise programming and reduced melodic elements leading us down an exciting and undulating path. Upping the pace one step further, 'Conflict' comes on strong in the most powerful track of the EP. Angry synth motifs swirl and build around a rock-solid platter of bass energy. Cleric keeps the action refined and dry in this must-have tool.Finally the inventive broken beats of 'Wickerman' shatter the 4-to-the-floor template in a tense and tracky exploration into more challenging zones. Rough textural percussion clatters to great effect and drives this heavy stepper along perfectly.

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