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The next installment of body-massaging future techno is ready and waiting as we proudly announce Figure 21 by Alan Fitzpatrick.

UK based Fitzpatrick, who's productions for his own 8 Sided Dice label, Drumcode and more have sealed his reputation for tough, funky and high-tech dancefloor workouts has created an EP that oozes quality and production finesse.

Alan throws us a treat with this 12'', kicking off the show with 'Weed Killer' - a rolling, irresistibly bass-heavy nod to the tougher end of the dub-techno spectrum. Shuffling, shaking percussion and dynamic, modulating hook lines fly in and out of this pacy groover with total funk, attitude and sound precision.
Flip the slab over and you'll find the equally heavy 'Science' ready to push things further. Intense bass pressure and a proto-chicago jack combine in this stylish warehouse jam. Sharp, glistening highs sit atop a treasure-chest of chunky percussion, complex funky micro-hooks and that ever-present Fitzpatrick dancefloor attitude!

As a digital bonus Alan provided us with the deeper-minded tones of 'No Religion', which allows a little more room to breath before building towards a brain-bending climax that will no doubt rock the deeper floors nicely.

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