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Chymera´s Figure 10 was an essential record of summer 2008. And yet Chymera has already composed another techno anthem, “Sumatra”. To integrate opponent qualities is Chymeras key talent:

He manages to fuse boldness with a subtle beauty. Grown up in the Irish town of Cork, Brendan Gregoriy has recently relocated to Barcelona: Actually, “Sumatra” combines the emotional deepness of the Irish sentiment with the elegance and the beauty of the mediterranian capital.
Chymera builds his grooves like immovable momuments destined to remain with you for quite some time. While the implicitness is the main quality of the grooves, the sublimity of the melodies let the dancers hold their breath: They create cathedral made of sound.

Chymeras partner in crime is Deetron from Bern in Switzerland. Being regarded as one of the most inspired producers operating at the treshold of Tribalistic and Detroit Techno, his remix is an immediate processing of the elements that make “Sumatra” so special. Deetron moves the focus from the melodies to the grooves, adding a soulful dynamic vibe to the track. This record reveals two visions of the imaginary island of Sumatra: one more exciting and seducing than the other!

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