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A.Mochi's gigs in Tokyo clubs like Maniac Love, Womb or Ageha made him an irreplaceable
part of Japans techno scene. Having achieved international acclaim with records on labels
like Francois K's Wavetec and Luke Slaters Mote Evolver, he is now considered as one of the
most exciting young techno producers.

The four new tracks for the Berlin-based Figure might be his most fascinating productions
so far. There is hardly any reference for his uncompromissing approach to club music:
The bassline is the center of each track. Its energy suffuses the dancefloor entirely.
And the thickest concrete floor hums like a swarm of bees, the wall of sounds absorbs the
listener completely.

"Battery" reflects A.Mochi's obsession for an ongoing continuous groove and inorganic
dark techno sound. As like Maniac the accoustic textures become thicker and thicker,
the groove remains harsh and funky. "Harvester" contrasts heavily with the intransigence
of "Battery". "Puppets" combines the dramaturgy of classical Chicago House track with
dark, defiant sounds. "Sanitarium" is only released in digital form, orchestrating a dialogue
between a tiny bleep sound and massive bass tones.

It is hard if not impossible to image a more immediate intense form of techno as
A.Mochi's Figure 13.

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