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The man behind Chymera is Brendan Gregoriy. Releasing music since 2005, the producer from Dublin already has an impressive discography with releases on labels such as Delsin or Ovum. Though Gregoriy is a fan of alternative rock and industrial techno, he has a unique talent for creating overwhelmingly beautiful melodies. Few musicians managed to develop such a productive dialogue between house and techno.

Chymera was always fascinated by the housy side of Detroit Techno, music by Orlando Voorn oder Fabrice Lig could be mentioned as point of reference. “Ellipsis” and “Eulogy” are sonic epics that never cease zu fascinate the listeners. They manage to be bold and sophisticated, powerful and elegant at the same time. They transform the dancefloor in an maelstrom with no way out, and yet they never give their electronic cool away: they always remain subtle and somewhat distant. The sounds form an imaginary landscape, they are a projection surface for one´s desires.

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